We will install your new TV on the tabletop or cabinet and hook up components like a DVD, Tivo, game console or video unit.

Installation features:

  • Conduct a pre-installation details walk-through upon arrival at your home
    Additional charges for any required add-ons will be quoted by the installer prior to any work being done.
  • Unpack and connect your newly purchased TV to a single source such as existing cable, antenna, or satellite signal
  • Unpack and connect your newly purchased video components in 1 room
    Includes VCR, DVD, and/or video game unit 
  • Integrate up to 4 non-networked components or components already connected to an existing network
  • Ensure that all wires and cables are neatly dressed, using wire ties as needed
  • Program the basic functions of your remote control devices Includes setting up factory-supplied universal remote control with the proper codes to control multiple components, as per factory specifications
  • Enable parental control functionality and instruct you on its use, if desired
  • Clean up work area and dispose of boxes, packaging materials and installation debris
  • Demonstrate operation of your new equipment
  • Approximate time: 1 hr.

The following are not included with this service:

  • New setup of DVR, Tivo, Slingbox, or any networked type video components
  • Speaker and/or receiver setup
  • Programming of universal-type learning remote
  • Holes drilled, wires hidden within walls or any type of custom in-wall wiring